Greenwashing is in fashion: an eco-responsible wardrobe

May 13th, 2021 – By Promostyl

Greenwashing is in fashion: an eco-responsible wardrobe

We see it everywhere in all designers and all major brands, fashion becomes eco-responsible. It is  today and still for a long time the key words of a good marketable collection. Ecology becomes  the number one selling point before trend, cost and comfort.

We know that fashion is now one of  the most polluting industries in the world, so brands and customers are adopting a more  responsible and ecological fashion. If now as consumers we buy better, in less quantity and better  quality, brands are innovating more and more every day to offer products in the air of time: trendy,  practical, sustainable and eco-responsible.

If  the big designers and the big brands start greenwashing by promising eco-responsible  collections, or giving donations to associations for sustainable development, it is the small  designers who are the stars of these innovations. Producing limited quantities every week or  month, rebuilding new trendy pieces from existing products, using natural materials, the products  sell out in few minutes, without unsold stock, and give customers the chance to have a unique or almost unique piece, produced locally and with very low ecological impact.

These designer  brands like Réuni, who creates its pieces only with the customer, Stella Pardo, who produces its  pieces by hand in France with natural materials, Noyco, who creates sustainable unisex  collections with low environmental impact materials, or Kamad Reworked, who hunts for buttons  on luxury pieces to make jewelry… we are in good hands to envision tomorrow’s fashion in a  better world.