The cosmetics world is adapting to the rising generation of young consumers, especially millennials, to whom it is important to listen when it comes to their desires for creativity, need for interactivity and way of working.

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Focus on staircases as the central element in new retail concepts

At a time when luxury brands are increasingly looking to stand out and highlight their identities and know-how, boutiques have seen a rise in staircase design. These real concept stores spanning several floors are concentrated around staircases built from truly unique pieces, like a work of art. A brief overview of the craziest that take you to seventh heaven.

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After Carven and Lanvin, it’s the turn of Patou to begin its revival. An iconic haute couture house created at the turn of the 20th century that continues to be remembered for its fragrance, it was closed in 1987. In a nostalgic move in line with this renaissance trend, the luxury giant LVMH acquired the label in 2018.

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Independent European brands set out to conquer Soho in New York

At a time when retail giant Barneys has closed its doors and liquidated its stocks, independent fashion brands have decided to take over the New York market en masse. Make way for independent labels ranging from R13 jeans, Sandro and even Rouje, the new concept by Jeanne Damas, all of which have opened up in central Manhattan. Even more interesting, many European brands seem to be taking the plunge and opening boutiques, many of them finding new addresses in the Soho district.

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Even if it is not a new invention, pink clay has met with growing success over the past few years in the cosmetics industry. Its benefits for the face, body and hair make it a natural and invaluable product.

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