Henitex, the technical and creative mesh

April 08th, 2021 – By PROMOSTYL

Henitex, the technical and creative mesh 

Leading company in Europe since its creation in 1987, Henitex is specialized in the mesh making:  fancy jacquards, jersey, stripes, ribbing…Initially intended for the clothing and underwear sectors,  Henitex fabrics have developed strongly over the years in the sportswear, medical, furnishings  and footwear sectors.

Developing their know-how in the field of technical fabrics, Henitex created  a new field in 2015, called BEL MAILLE, taking the fabrics from the archives and improving them,  developing 3D mesh, present for the underwear and swimwear collections. This technology only a  few years old present a three-dimensional textile composed of a synthetic fabric in which the  smallest fibers hold the front and the back of the fabric, giving a thick fabric but with excellent air  circulation properties.

The Henitex group is also specialized in prints of their fabrics and their  technical meshes, offering us a wide choice of innovative and creative textile. 

Collaborating with Henitex since many years, we offering you our mesh and technical fabrics  selection, that you can find in our new trend books AW 22-23.