The Dior and Dimore Studio collaboration

During the Milan design fair, Dior revealed an unexpected collection of 14 exclusive design objects, created by Dimore Studio. The deliberately pared-back pieces in graphic lines originally blend materials such as bronze, gold, silver, rattan and even Perspex, playing with the codes of the luxury house.

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Designers transform toxic sludge into a ceramics line

Making sustainable ceramics from industrial waste? It can be done, as mentioned in the “Green Innovations” concept – Lands Theme in the AW20-21 Digital Influences Study. Four designers from London’s Royal College of Art, Guillermo Whittembury, Joris Olde-Rikkert, Kevin Rouff and Luis Paco Bockelmann, have achieved the ingenious feat of recycling the residue of red mud, derived from aluminium production, turning it into a desirable line of terracotta-coloured cups, bowls and teapots. A bold and inventive way of recovering by-products that are potentially toxic for the modern world while reducing raw material production.

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