Window displays given pride of place by Studio Viaduct

After the widespread closures due to the pandemic, a number of stores are attempting to renew their selections and offer clever new ideas so that customers continue to desire, dream and shop despite the current context. In Copenhagen, Studio Viaduct has invited six artists and brands to take over the design of six window displays that can be seen from the street and are closed to the public.

Studio Viaduct’s initiative

Entitled “Between Spaces”, these new booths have thus become real little boutiques with a distinctive character that showcase craftsmanship. The products can subsequently be found in their e-shop, thus allowing customers to go window-shopping in complete safety.

The design magazine ARK Journal designed a window display comprising totemic sculptures, artists’ steles and the Noguchi lamp. All created in tones of beige and wood.

Selected by

Entirely in line with the minimalist trend, featuring wool loop pile and solid oak, we dive back into a world reminiscent