Casa A12: a colourful duplex

The Spanish studio Lucas y Hernandez-Gil, founded by Cristina Domínguez Lucas and Fernando Hernández-Gil, has finished renovating a duplex house in Madrid, named Casa A12. The project consisted in bringing light into a space that was originally very dark. Through the playful use of colour, the studio has also transformed the house into a place with a fun and happy atmosphere.

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For 15 years, the French brand Veja has been developing trainers with ethically and responsibly sourced organic materials. It prefers a consumer buzz to advertising and has skilfully demonstrated that it is possible to enjoy success without being unduly influenced, while adopting a completely different approach. Veja has just opened its first flagship store in the Marais in Paris with the same philosophy used in its manufacturing.


Manufacturing methods brought to light

Several years ago now, sportswear giants such as Nike and Adidas gave in to in-store customisation and the results were quickly seen. Other sectors have decided to reveal their manufacturing secrets in their own concept stores and create shops and factories in one.

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Retail trend focus: the new gallery stores

While some see the future of retail as virtual reality experiences, monograms of their products and on-store purchasing in less than two clicks, such as Farfetch, which launched its pop-up in London last year, certain luxury brands are approaching cutting-edge designers and collectors to create a real gallery store. It’s goodbye to impulse buys in a flash; some brands now prefer to preach a slow approach. In line with current trends, they are deciding to recreate exclusive worlds with few items but an extremely cutting-edge selection, thus creating a certain minimalism and above all a world unique to them.

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The Arrivals has designed a store on the theme of extreme climates

The clothing brand “The Arrivals” has revealed a pop-up store dedicated to extreme climates right at the heart of New York’s Soho district. The brand, known for its innovatively designed stores all around the world, is once again confirming its inventiveness and modernity by combining retail concerns with environmental questions. 

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The Euphoria Spa: a temple of well-being

The Euphoria Spa is one of the most unusual destinations in Greece. It is located in the vicinity of a UNESCO-listed heritage site in Mystras, at the foot of the hills of Mount Taygetos in the Peloponnese region. Designed by the decaARCHITECURE studio, the Euphoria Spa represents a temple of well-being with its offering of unique experiences, architectural design and enviable geographical location at the heart of the mountains and forest.

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The Harmay store: a mix between an apothecary and an industrial warehouse

The new shop from the cosmetics brand Harmay exudes a distinctive atmosphere, halfway between an apothecary, an industrial warehouse and a modern, design-forward store. Located at the heart of Hong Kong, the shop designed by the architecture studio Aim reflects the brand’s wish to offer its customers a real in-store experience that sets it apart from online sales. 

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Masquespacio creates the interior design for the Kento restaurant in Valencia

The design studio Masquespacio has designed the third store for Kento Shop, the Valencian takeaway sushi chain. Masquespacio expresses its highly colourful aesthetic and geometric shapes with a retro touch. A mix between an American diner and a traditional Japanese restaurant, the new Kento restaurant stands out with its originality.

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The Yin jewellery brand combines creativity with a small space

The new Yin jewellery shop located in a vast shopping centre at the heart of Beijing in China is just 10.6 metres long and 3.5 metres wide. Created by the Okamoto Design studio, this immaculate space with a minimalist decor perfectly illustrates the “Breathe” concept – ON AIR Theme in the SS21 Digital Design Study and shows that small spaces can also be a place of artistic expression.

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