Focus on staircases as the central element in new retail concepts

At a time when luxury brands are increasingly looking to stand out and highlight their identities and know-how, boutiques have seen a rise in staircase design. These real concept stores spanning several floors are concentrated around staircases built from truly unique pieces, like a work of art. A brief overview of the craziest that take you to seventh heaven.

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Independent European brands set out to conquer Soho in New York

At a time when retail giant Barneys has closed its doors and liquidated its stocks, independent fashion brands have decided to take over the New York market en masse. Make way for independent labels ranging from R13 jeans, Sandro and even Rouje, the new concept by Jeanne Damas, all of which have opened up in central Manhattan. Even more interesting, many European brands seem to be taking the plunge and opening boutiques, many of them finding new addresses in the Soho district.

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Bringing building bricks back to retail: a trend in every sector

Bricks previously only used for buildings have become a decorative element in interiors, whereas in the 20th century, some of the most famous architects chose this material for their construction, such as Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Khan. Forgotten since, brick is coming back to retail thanks to interior designers and new natural design techniques.

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Bottega Veneta comes to Miami

Bottega Veneta has opened its brand new store in Miami’s Design District, designed by Daniel Lee, the House’s creative director. Blending Miami’s creative dynamism with the more traditional feel of Montebello – where the company has a workshop located in an 18th-century country house – the store plays on contrasts and becomes a highly Instagrammable setting for the Italian brand. 

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Seoul, the new retail destination

The country’s creative energy is reminiscent of Japan twenty years ago. This is a market whose importance and sophistication are exponentially increasing in many areas, especially technologies, fashion, music, architecture and design. A new market has thus opened up for European luxury brands, which are gradually setting up huge flagship stores, attempting to win over this new market with their entire brand worlds.

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Casa A12: a colourful duplex

The Spanish studio Lucas y Hernandez-Gil, founded by Cristina Domínguez Lucas and Fernando Hernández-Gil, has finished renovating a duplex house in Madrid, named Casa A12. The project consisted in bringing light into a space that was originally very dark. Through the playful use of colour, the studio has also transformed the house into a place with a fun and happy atmosphere.

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For 15 years, the French brand Veja has been developing trainers with ethically and responsibly sourced organic materials. It prefers a consumer buzz to advertising and has skilfully demonstrated that it is possible to enjoy success without being unduly influenced, while adopting a completely different approach. Veja has just opened its first flagship store in the Marais in Paris with the same philosophy used in its manufacturing.


Manufacturing methods brought to light

Several years ago now, sportswear giants such as Nike and Adidas gave in to in-store customisation and the results were quickly seen. Other sectors have decided to reveal their manufacturing secrets in their own concept stores and create shops and factories in one.

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