Reformation x Soko: the new season’s most sustainable jewellery collaboration

From little summer dresses to timeless jeans and not forgetting our shoes, Reformation has won over planet fashion with pieces that are as desirable as they are sustainable. And through this new collaboration with ethical jewellery label Soko, the Californian brand is looking to apply its eco-friendly principles to the jewellery sector.

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Pyratex: environmentally friendly smart fabrics

Designing ready-to-wear that is a source of well-being, allowing us to protect ourselves from our external environment (UV radiation, pollution, etc.) while taking into account the ecological imperatives of our time: this is the challenge taken up by Regina Polanco, the young designer and founder of Pyratex fabrics, a range of four fabrics with exceptional properties.

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Amni Soul Eco textile technology

What if the path towards more sustainable, ethical and innovative fashion hung by a thread? With its new fibre made from a blend of new-generation polyamide 6.6, Fulgar and the Rhodia Solvay group are planning to develop fabrics and materials that can decompose very quickly, especially when they are thrown away or abandoned in nature. An invention that looks like a (green) revolution.

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The Prestige hotel, mixing Victorian architecture and tropical style

Tropical style is not often associated with Victorian architecture, yet Penang in Malaysia and its sunny capital George Town are home to The Prestige hotel, a magical and modern interpretation of traditional Victorian design. Located alongside sumptuous 19th-century English colonial buildings, all listed as a UNESCO heritage site, the 162-room hotel is reminiscent of a revisited Victorian tropical Eden.

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When artificial intelligence turns its hand to fashion

Wearing a dress that doesn’t exist? At a time when augmented reality is setting the tone for new innovations, a piece without yarn or stitching has been created by the Dutch designer The Fabricant, in collaboration with Dapper Labs and the artist Johanna Jaskowska. More surprising still, this one-of-a-kind piece was auctioned on the blockchain for almost $9,500, a first in the fashion world.

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New fibres based on food waste

Transforming food waste into fabrics and fibres? This is the booming textile trend that is currently revolutionising the fashion industry, whose toxic environmental impact is being criticised a little bit more each day. We take a closer look at these exceptional materials with extraordinary properties.

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The eco-friendly swimsuit trend

Whether they are manufactured from recycled nylon fibre, materials renowned for their sustainability or feature an SPF filter, the trend is for swimsuits combining fashion and ethics, guaranteeing a summer season with a focus on sustainability. We review five brands with innovative products.

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Nomadism: a new trend to follow

Offering a mix of prints, fringed pieces, shearling, sheepskin, etc., boho chic style is back in force!  For the autumn/winter season, designers have created real urban Amazons ready to explore as-yet unknown lands.

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